How To Use Cloth Pads

Using cloth pads is actually very similar to using disposable pads with the big difference being that you wash them after use rather then throwing them in the trash.

When you receive your new cloth pads, the first thing you need to do is wash before first use. This is to remove any dust or debris from the making process and ensure they are clean and ready for your first use.

When your period starts:

Choose the pad you would like to use, wrap the wings around the gusset of your underwear with the print or coloured side facing up and fasten in place with the plastic snaps on the wings. There are 2 snap settings on our pads, choose the setting that feels most comfortable for you. Go about your day!

When it comes time to change the pad:

Depending on flow type, you will need to change your pad after anywhere from 2-8hrs. When it starts to feel wet and not as comfortable, it is time to change. At first it may take a bit of trial and error to see how long you can go between changes, but you will catch on quickly and find a routine that works best for you.

Changing at home:

Remove the soiled pad and toss it into your storage solution of choice. Anything from a wet bag, a laundry basket, an old pail will do. Put a new pad on and continue about your day. Some people choose to rinse out their pad immediately after removing it. You can do this if you prefer and it can sometimes help to minimize staining, but it is not required. If you choose to rinse immediately, ensure your storage solution allows airflow for the pad to dry out completely. A soaking wet pad that isn't able to dry out may result in bacterial growth and odour build up that can be difficult to get fully clean. 


Changing away from home (School, work etc):

Carry a clean pad (or as many as you'll need changes) with you when you are away from home inside of a waterproof pouch of some sort. A washable pad wrapper, wet bag, old makeup bag, any sort of waterproof bag will do. Remove your soiled pad, fold it up on itself. Take the clean pad out of the waterproof pouch, put the soiled pad inside, and put it into your bag or pocket to bring home with you. Put the clean pad on and continue about your day. When you get home take the soiled pad out of the wrapper and add it to your at home soiled storage solution.


Continue changing and storing your soiled pads until you are either running low on pads and need to wash, or your period is done. You can then follow these washing instructions to get your pads clean and ready for use next month!