About Us

My name is Marie, and I am the owner and creator behind Soft Taco Reusables. I am often busy sewing away all the items offered, but also doing everything else from website design, marketing and shipping along with our 2 other team members.

How did I find cloth pads?

When I was pregnant with my oldest, I was researching cloth diapers and came across cloth pads as well. I had no idea how modern they had become and made the switch once my daughter was born. Prior to finding cloth I dealt with horrible blistering rashes every singe month from disposable pads. A lack of education led me to believe that these rashes were a normal part of managing your period and that I would just have to deal with them as long as I had a menstrual cycle. The rashes instantly went away when I switched to cloth and I haven't used a single disposable menstrual product since. 

How did Soft Taco Reusables start?

When I initially made the switch to cloth, I decided to sew my collection as I was already experienced at sewing, so knew it was something I could do. I found I really enjoyed sewing them and offered to sew some for friends and family. Because of my own experience with disposable pads, I also felt very passionate about spreading the word about cloth and helping to educate menstruators about their options so that others would know that they don't need to just accept the discomforts and rashes associated with disposables. In the fall of 2018 I decided to combine my passions for sewing and cloth pads and Soft Taco Reusables was born. 6 Months later, I left my full time out of the home job to stay home and raise my children while also building my business. 

Where are we now?

Soft Taco Reusables is still a small home based business, but we have come a long way over the years. From sewing late in the evenings at my dining room table while my children slept to now having an 800sq ft basement dedicated entirely to the business. From making and selling 30-40 pads per month to now producing well over 1000 every month with the help of our 2 additional team members. Our products have now been sent to over 25 countries across the globe and we hope to continue adding to that list. 

What are our goals for the future?

One of our biggest goals is to continue to spread the word about reusable menstrual products so that hopefully one day they can be part of the mainstream period conversation. Ideally, every person who gets a period will know about their options and be able to choose what will suit them best with all the information and without judgement. Along with that, we also hope to one day be able to grow to a team of 8-12 people, offering fair wages and home based positions to those whose circumstances make it extremely difficult to work out of the home.