Sizing Guide - Not sure what size to choose? Here is your guide!

Sizing Guide - Not sure what size to choose? Here is your guide!

Sizing Guide - Not sure what size to choose? Here is your guide!
Here at Soft Taco Reusables, we offer a large variety of pad sizes in order to suit the needs of as many as possible. While we value options and variety in pad sizing, we do understand that it can make it overwhelming for those just starting out. This guide will help you to decide what may be the best sizes to start with for your flow type.
Ultra Thin Liners
7" and 9" Long, 2.25" Wide in the Center when snapped.
Our ultra thin liners are our thinnest and least absorbent option. They are intended for very light spotting and discharge only. While they still have our waterproof backing fabric included in all of our pads, there is no absorbent layer to hold extra flow. They are designed to be as thin and barely there as possible for those looking for a small amount of protection without any bulk. They are available in 2 lengths - 7" for those needing minimal coverage, and 9" if you like a little bit more length.
Panty Wrap Liners - Available in Mini, Regular and Long
6", 8" and 10" Long, 2.25" Wide in the Center when snapped.
Our panty wrap liners, like our ultra thin style are designed for spotting and discharge. The panty wraps are designed with a bit more coverage and absorbency than our ultra thin style making them great if you need just a bit more than our ultra thin offers. Ideal for things like cup backup, heavy discharge or when you're waiting for your period to start and want to be prepared. Our Mini size (6") will cover just the very middle of your underwear without any extra length. The Regular (8") is the most popular size offering a good amount of coverage without too much extra length. The Long (10") is perfect for those that still only want liner level absorbency, but like a little bit of extra length to their liners.
8M - Short Moderate Absorbency
8" Long, 2.5"-2.25" Wide in the center when snapped.
This is the smallest of our absorbent pads. Ideal for light flow, light bladder incontinence, cup backup, excessive sweat protection. 
10M - Standard Moderate Absorbency
10" Long, 2.5" - 2.75" Wide in the center when snapped.
The most popular size in our shop. Ideal for light flow where you want a bit more length than our 8M size, regular daytime flow, bladder incontinence, cup backup (especially if you are a bit more leak prone with your cup).
12H - Long Heavy Absorbency
12" Long, 2.5" - 2.75" Wide in the center when snapped.
This is the second most post popular size in the shop. Ideal for heavy daytime flow, nighttime if you have don't have a heavy flow, regular flow daytime pad if you find the 10M a bit too short or bladder incontinence (not full bladder emptying but great if its a bit more than small giggle drips or you aren't able to change often).
14H - XL Heavy Absorbency
14" Long, 2.75" - 3" Wide in the center when snapped.
The shortest of our pads designed for very heavy flow. Most popular overnight size pad offering longer and wider coverage than our 12H size. Ideal if you have an "all over" bleeding style where you need a lot of coverage or if you have a heavy flow and need a lot of absorbency.
16P - Postpartum Heavy Absorbency
16" Long, 3"-3.5" Wide in the center when snapped.
Designed for postpartum or extremely heavy flow. This size is offers ultimate coverage and absorbency for those that need it. Ideal for extremely heavy flow, overnight and postpartum.
18P - Postpartum++ Heavy Absorbency
18" Long, 3"-3.5" Wide in the center when snapped.
Just like our 16P Size the 18P offers ultimate coverage but just a bit more length if you find the 16P doesn't quite cut it or you like the security of the added length. Ideal for extremely heavy flow, overnight and postpartum.
Our Recommendations
If you are still feeling completely overwhelmed and unsure where to start, we suggest going with either our 10M or 12H sizes. Both sizes will have a use in almost every persons pad collection at some point during your cycle. If you start with a 10M and find it to be a bit short for your heavier flow days, it will most likely still work on your lighter flow or early days. Likewise if you start with a 12H and find it to be more than you need, it will probably be a great overnight option for you. If you are really unsure we recommend starting with just one or 2 pads, testing them out to see how those sizes work and adjusting your future purchases based on what you learn. Purchasing a few pads at a time to build your collection is the best way to ensure you have a perfectly curated collection to suit you and your needs!


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