New to Cloth? Not sure where to start?

New to Cloth? Not sure where to start?

New to Cloth? Not sure where to start?

Cloth pads can seem overwhelming when you first look into trying them out. They have a lot more options than disposables which is great in that there is something for most, but it can seem intimidating. Here is your guide to keeping it simple.

If you want to keep it as simple as possible, we would suggest starting with one of our starter sets. We offer kits based on flow type so you just need to select the option that best describes your flow type. The sets come with a few different size options for you to try out and you can purchase more of what you find you like most from there. We may not always have kits available but we do our best to restock them as often as possible.

For those that are not interested in our starter kits and would prefer to purchase individual pads here is what we recommend:

If you are currently using disposable pads, the easiest way to decide where to start with cloth is to try a pad in the same length as your favourite disposable. 

As an Example, if you prefer to use an Always Ultra Thin Size 3, we would recommend starting with our 12" cloth pad. You can choose either moderate absorbency or heavy absorbency in that length depending on what your flow type is. For other disposable pads, simply measure their length and purchase a cloth pad in the same or similar length.

If you are someone who currently uses internal protection (Tampons, menstrual cups etc) our suggestion is to go based on your flow type. If you are a heavy bleeder a good starting point is a 12" Heavy pad, Moderate bleeder a 10" Moderate pad, Light Bleeder an 8" Moderate pad. In this instance we suggest only purchasing one or 2 pads to see how they work for you before adding to your collection. 

If you are still confused or unsure where to start please to not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to help you decide what may be best for you. You can reach out via our contact us page or through any of our social media platforms (Instagram will get you the quickest response).


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